Lucas: budget fails our future generations

21 March 2016

In her response to the budget on Wednesday, Caroline Lucas has slammed the Government for turning its back on the next generation with a budget full of hypocrisy.

The budget: this is what the Greens would do

21 March 2016

Natalie Bennett, the GP leader and Molly Scott Cato, the GP’s MEP for South-West have responded to the budget and outlined how a Green Party’s own budget would do things differently.

NASA report reveals "climate emergency"

17 March 2016

Data released by NASA has revealed that February’s global temperature records set a shocking new high, leading the agency to warn of a “climate emergency”.

Four South West food producers showcase products in Brussels

17 March 2016

Following a competition launched by Molly Scott Cato last Autumn, four food producers from the South West are arriving in Brussels this week to showcase their environmental credentials.

Lucas calls for young to engage in EU debate

16 March 2016

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP, has said that the UK’s younger generations must engage in the EU debate before the older generations allow us to sleepwalk the UK into a Brexit.

VAT is a feminist issue, says Molly

16 March 2016

Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, is spearheading a campaign in the European Parliament: VAT is a feminist issue.

John Green on Radio Devon

16 March 2016

Listen to our chairman, John Green, talking about the issues with South Hams District Council considering putting 90% of all staff and virtually all its services into a new company.

Green Party Launches Campaign to Stay in the EU

14 March 2016

Many conversations across South Devon over the coming months will be about the UK’s place in Europe. In time for the official launch of the Green Party’s IN campaign we outline the key benefits of a remain vote.

Vote in Favour of Lucas’ NHS Bill

09 March 2016

Caroline Lucas is set to present the NHS Reinstatement Bill in Parliament and campaigners are urging MPs to back the bill.

Green Party’s Plan to Replace Hinkley C?

09 March 2016

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato argues it’s only a matter of time before a more sensible plan to use renewables to meet our energy needs supersedes the fraught Hinkley project.

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