Welcome to the South Devon Green Party

For a Fairer, Greener South Devon

The South Devon Green Party had more candidates than ever before standing for election for our two District Councils on May 4th 2023. We’re seeing an increased interest in fairer, greener communities locally and support for the Green Party initiative nationwide.

We are getting ready for the next general election with new candidates across our consistencies.

What we stand for

  • Real action to tackle the climate crisis, including warmer, energy efficient homes for all
  • Properly funded NHS and education
  • A resilient economy that prioritises people and planet before profit

Will you join us?

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Find out what we’ve been up to, about issues in your area, and see the work we’ve done in the past.

Upcoming Events

Get involved to help get Greens elected. A Green Councillor can make a world of difference to your local area.

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