Green Party Launches Campaign to Stay in the EU

14 March 2016

Many conversations across South Devon over the coming months will be about the UK’s place in Europe. In time for the official launch of the Green Party’s IN campaign we outline the key benefits of a remain vote.

Vote in Favour of Lucas’ NHS Bill

09 March 2016

Caroline Lucas is set to present the NHS Reinstatement Bill in Parliament and campaigners are urging MPs to back the bill.

Green Party’s Plan to Replace Hinkley C?

09 March 2016

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato argues it’s only a matter of time before a more sensible plan to use renewables to meet our energy needs supersedes the fraught Hinkley project.

'Greens for Europe' Campaign Launches

07 March 2016

Amelia Womack, writing in the latest issue of GREENACTIVIST, has clearly stated the position of the Green Party in the run up to the EU referendum: “I have no doubt that we are Greener In”.

DiCaprio Allows Climate Change to Take Centre Stage at 2016 Oscars

02 March 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio has used his Oscars acceptance speech to highlight the impact of climate change.


02 March 2016

Caroline Lucas warns TTIP will be pursued even more vigorously by the British Government if the UK is outside of Europe.

Greens Calls for Ban on Microbeads

02 March 2016

Natalie Bennett declares the UK Government is doing too little to take on cosmetic industry’s use of microbeads.

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