We are Crowdfunding to help us elect more Green councillors in Devon

20 May 2016

We need a strong voice in support of the environment and social justice on Devon County Council. The Council has powers over mining, fracking, social care, libraries, transport infrastructure and much more. 


The Green Party aims to increase the number of Councillors elected onto Devon County Council at the elections being held in May 2017. We are now in the process of developing our campaign for the elections and to be successful we are planning to print distribute leaflets and newsletters in target areas to make sure our message reaches those in our community who are concerned about the issues being faced. In order to do this effectively, we need to raise £4,000, to cover our costs for targeted areas and also give a chance of winning in some other areas as well.

In 2013 one Green Party Councillor was elected. This at least provided us with a voice to challenge and change the policies that affect the prospects for fracking within Devon, with closing libraries, care provision and much more. However, there is only so much one Councillor can achieve and so we are working hard to ensure that more Green Councillors are elected at the next election.

We have every reason to be confident of a good result in 2017.  Since 2013 the Green Party has expanded massively, gained its first MEP in the South West, and in the past year we have won a string of District and Town council by-elections throughout the region. 

Green Councillors are passionate and consistent advocates for social and environmental justice, firmly committed to their communities and opposed to needless cuts to the services people rely on.   With your support we can retain our existing seat and elect new Councillors to represent your interests.   Please pledge now.

Please donate, no matter how much – it will all help.
See: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/greendevon