South Devon Green Party Annual General Meeting

13 February 2020

To all members,

We would like to invite you to the South Devon Green Party Annual General Meeting on Sunday February 16th from 2pm to 4pm in the Totnes Guildhall.

Our local party is only as strong as our active members. All of us feel immense anxiety and frustration at the staggering inaction and vacuous words from those in power on both global and local issues of environmental and social justice, and on electoral fairness. Sometimes our members are frustrated that we do not do more in our lobbying, campaigns and activity in South Devon Green Party.

The reality is that despite a large membership, the number of volunteers fulfilling the officer team is very small and we would dearly love to do more, say more and achieve more. We give our best. The next twelve months will be vital in securing more green representation in the county council elections in 2021. These councillors can make a real difference, but it takes many hours of campaign preparation and activity to achieve success. Some of the work is essential but quite dull, some is very techy, some needs a few skills, other tasks just need a few hours of time. We can do it, but we need help. If you want our party to achieve this goal of electing county councillors, scrutinising local policy and fronting local campaigns please come along and find out more.

The proposed agenda is:

  • adopt the party constitution
  • councillors reports from Jacqi Hodgson, Jo Sweett and Joseph Rose
  • elect the new officer team (roles and responsibilities on request)
  • discuss the future of SDGP if a functional officer team is not elected
  • selection for target / development county seats

Looking forward to seeing lots of members,

Emily Simcock
(Coordinator, South Devon Green Party)


Directions to The Guildhall
Address: 5 Ramparts Walk, Totnes, Devon. TQ9 5QH

Location: behind St. Mary’s Church, High St., Totnes.  

Access: Entrance is via the large oak door under the large porch. Disability access is difficult but not impossible.  Assistance will be needed

Public Transport: 

Totnes Train Station ~ 10 mins walk up Castle Street (cut through pedestrian Shooters Hill - steep hill), turn left into North Street and follow pedestrian route past old school to Ramparts Walk

Buses to either Totnes Station or The Plains (~ 15 min walk up Fore Street, leads to the High Street)

Cycle Path from Dartington to Old Bridge, Totnes, then walk/cycle up Fore St & High St.

Car parking: North Street car park