How the Green Party will make a Greener South West

8 June 2017

Green Party candidate Jacqi Hodgson has been asked by a group of leading environmental organisations for her response to how the Green Party will make a Greener South West:

  1. What will you do to ensure our wildlife is protected and restored after Brexit?
  1. The Green Party would bring forward an Environmental Protection Act to safeguard and restore our environment, protect and enhance biodiversity, promote sustainable food and farming, and ensure animal protection.  
  2. We would also put in place strong protection for the Green Belt, National Parks, SSSIs and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


  1. What will you do to ensure that wildlife thrives in our seas once more?
  1. The Green Party would designate a wider, more effective network of marine protected areas around our coasts, including fully protected no take zones.  
  2. We would also address the waste that ends up in our seas and take tough action to reduce plastic and other waste, including the introduction of Deposit Return Schemes, with a zero waste target


  1. What will you do to ensure we have new farming policies that support nature’s recovery?

(a) support sustainable agricultural practices, farming livelihoods and the rural economy, and phase out subsidies which encourage highly intensified farming, pesticides, artificial fertilisers, pollution, large land holdings and habitat damage;

(b) support a restructuring of subsidies to encourage all farmers to make a transition towards sustainable practices and ‘best practice’, and to establish sustainability as the rule rather than the exception;

(c) protect soil and water resources;

(d) promote agricultural systems that sequester carbon in soils and have a low greenhouse gas footprint;  

(e) support habitats and biodiversity throughout farmland, and particularly in woods, orchards, hedges, ponds, headlands and designated areas of farms;

(f) respect animal welfare;


  1. What will you do to make sure we move to a low carbon economy?
  1. We will seek active ongoing cooperation with businesses and other countries to limit global temperature increases to well below 2 degrees and aiming for 1.5 degrees.
  2. Replace fracking, coal power stations, subsidies to fossil fuels and nuclear with the clean green efficient renewable energy of the future, and invest in community owned energy.


This is the link for the Green Guarantee, our manifesto and pledges for this General Election 2017


You can trust the Green Party to put the environment at the heart of everything we do. Our economic prosperity depends on the health of our environment. It is the ultimate source of everything we make and use - from food and materials, to the air we breathe. The Green Party sets an inspiring vision for the natural world, both on land and at sea, with thriving species, healthy habitats, and ensuring the environment is top of the political agenda.


A thriving environment means a healthy future for you, your children and generations to come.


I hope that everyone who cares about our wildlife and environment will vote Green Party at this General election.



Cllr Jacqi Hodgson

Green Party General Election candidate for Totnes Constituency

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This statement is posted in response to questions from the National Trust, RSPB South West England and Devon Wildlife Trust

Cllr Jacqi Hodgson

Green Party General Election candidate for Totnes Constituency