We won’t give up, turn away, or put up walls

15 November 2016

We are angry, and we are sad. We’ve seen a racist and misogynist elected to be president of the US after a campaign built on fear and lies.

Women, people of colour, migrants, LGBT people, disabled people and so many others woke up in a country about to be run by a man who has waged a war of hatred against them.

Yesterday we were simply devastated, but today we’re getting organised.

Over 300,000 have watched our video already. Please forward our message to five friends, and join us to take whatever action you can to keep our communities strong.

That might be small acts of kindness to your neighbours, speaking the truth about the benefits of migration, or making sure girls know that they matter. Connecting with people who feel scared, worried or alone is at the heart of the kind of politics we do. It’s also how we start the extensive community building that we need if we are to confront fascism.

This is a pivotal moment for our climate too. Trump thinks that global warming was ‘invented by the Chinese Government’. He’s a danger to all of us, but most acutely to the poorest and most climate-vulnerable people on earth.

Next week we will bring together top climate experts in the House of Commons to work out how we respond – and we will redouble our efforts to make Britain a genuine world-leader on renewables.

Right now, in Marrakesh, top politicians and diplomats are meeting to discuss the next stage of the Paris climate change deal. Greens are there making sure that the US election doesn’t throw us off course.

Trump won the presidency but lost the popular vote. More people voted for Hillary Clinton, but it’s Trump that will be going to the White House. That’s because the electoral system in the US is like our own: outdated and broken.

We don’t accept that elections have to be this way. That’s why we’ve joined with Make Votes Matter to put pressure on this Government to bring in a fair electoral system - where everyone’s vote counts.

Whether it’s standing up to racism, combatting climate change or transforming our voting system – we are the party of action. But to build our movement we need your help. Can you forward this email to 5 friends, asking them to join us today?

Make no mistake, these are dark days. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the new challenges we face. But it’s not in our Party’s nature to give up, turn away, or put up walls. It’s time to come together.

Thank you for making the Green Party what it is, and for sharing this message today.