Molly welcomes EU pressure on Apple

2 September 2016

Speaking in The Guardian, Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP, applauds the EU's courageous decision to demand Apple pay €13bn of back tax.


"The last few days have seen the emergence of an unlikely hero in Margrethe Vestager, the European competition commissioner. Undeterred by threats and bullying from the US Treasury she has demanded that Apple pay €13bn of back tax it has avoided".


Molly explains that it’s an example of the good work the EU can do: 


“Across the world, voters are losing faith in politicians who they accuse of not defending their wage rates or investing properly in public services. But the real cause of public disgruntlement is the draining away of power to transnational corporations who operate in a limboland beyond national borders, and the politicians who do not have the courage to stand up against the bullying of these corporations.


“No one country alone can resist the power of global corporations; to do this we need to work in cooperation with other countries. Ironically, the Brexit vote reduces our power to ensure corporations pay the taxes we need."