Green Party Elects New Leaders

2 September 2016

Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley have been announced as co-leaders of the Green Party following the departure of Natalie Bennett.


The pair - who won the overwhelming support of the party’s membership – have today promised policies that enable people to ‘take control’ of their lives.


In their first speech to the Green Party Conference, delivered today at the University of Birmingham, Bartley and Lucas said that their party is uniquely poised to bring forward proposals to tackle the ‘age of insecurity’ plaguing Britain’.


“Imagine a new plan that will meet our obligations to future generations. A plan that will create jobs in every part of the country. Imagine local communities, empowered to take control of their own energy futures. Imagine Britain as a world leader in renewable technology. Our Green Guarantee means a new industrial revolution that will work for everyone.”


In their speech they also reinforced the Green Party’s position following the European Referendum by calling for a second referendum on the terms of exit.