Molly explains why she is marching for Europe on Sep 3rd

27 August 2016

On 3rd September, people will come together across the country to march for EuropeThe nationwide events will take place two days before Parliament reconvenes to debate our future with Europe. 

We are now two months into Brexit Britain and it is clear that the UK is a nation that remains divided. These divisions were aggravated by a flawed referendum campaign, characterized by:

  • Poor, limited, if not misleading and dishonest information;
  • A structure that encouraged hostile and divisive argument rather than inclusive deliberation.

Theresa May has said that 'Brexit means Brexit'. But Brexit means Brexit - means what? We are still no closer to knowing what relationship we will have with other EU countries or what trading agreement or economic model we should follow. To protect us against the worst effects of a right-wing tory Brexit, we must also keep the option of a second referendum open - so we don’t end up with a Brexit that nobody voted for.

Please try and join a March for Europe (our closest one is in Bristol) to show other Europeans that despite Brexit we stand with them in a spirit of peace, tolerance and celebration of diversity.