Kingsbridge Greens take inaugural meeting

12 July 2016


The new Kingsbridge Greens have met for the first time. Devolution, the EU Referendum and electoral reform were all discussed.

Reporting on the event, The Kingsbridge and Salcombe Gazette said: "Led by Robin Ladkin, Kingsbridge Greens’ local organiser, the night’s discussion [explained] about devolution and how it will shape provision of housing, health care and social services within the region."

Speaking at the meeting was Dr John Green, chair of the South Devon Green party: "You can make a difference. Even though there may not be many Green Party politicians in central or local government, those that are involved have been critical in shaping key social policies, tackling marine pollution and providing solutions concerning affordable housing."

In response to the EU Referendum, Amanda Keetley reiterated Caroline Lucas's call for a Progressive Alliance: "The Greens are taking the lead in forming such an alliance, which would aim to change the “first past the post system” and ensure that any government in power represented at least 51 per cent of those who voted, rather than the current system in which a minority of the population voted for those in power."

If you would like to be involved, please contact local organisers Donna and Robin Ladkin at

You can also connect with the group at their Facebook page: