Green Party announces Six Point Brexit Plan

5 July 2016

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP, has outlined the Green Party’s 6-point emergency response plan to Brexit, and calls on everyone who shares the same belief to join the Green Party now. 


Lucas says: “We are on course for serious economic turmoil but our politics is broken too.


“It falls upon us, the Green Party, to put forward a positive vision of what a post-referendum Britain could look like.


“That’s why today I’m publishing my six point emergency response plan. It sets out how we should respond to the referendum.


“In the coming weeks and months we want you to be part of this discussion.”




We demand a General election in the Autumn so people can choose the Government they want to represent them in the negotiations to come



We demand a Parliamentary vote on any ‘terms of exit’ BEFORE invoking Article 50



We demand the protection of free movement within the EU, strong environmental protections, workers rights and the Single Market



We demand a second referendum on the terms of a final deal



We demand  an emergency law which guarantees the rights of non-British nationals already living here in Britain



We demand the protection of young people’s future


If you want to be a part of a positive approach to the debate please consider joining the Green Party.


More information is here: