Molly helps secure European Parliament inquiry into Panama Papers

15 April 2016

Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, says Greens have been pivotal in securing a European Parliamentary inquiry into the Panama Papers revelations

When the revelations first hit Cato was one of the first to launch a petition calling for EU institutions to prosecute banks that let clients hide assets in tax haves without reporting suspected citizens to tax authorities. The petition has been signed by almost half a million people.

It’s a move that demonstrates how the EU can help tackle cross-border issues in a way that the UK, on its own, would fail to do. It also demonstrates the power of the Green movement in Europe, as Molly explained: ““The setting up of an inquiry committee is a Green success story. We have been pressing hard for a proper investigation into the Panama papers scandal and the implications at EU level. An inquiry committee is the most powerful tool available to the European Parliament and can investigate breaches of EU law by member states and check if the Commission acted in accordance with its duties under EU treaties.

“I am pleased that as MEPs this inquiry will provide us with the necessary resources to expose the actions of wealthy elites and those complicit in supporting them. The extraordinary result of our petition shows the degree to which the citizens of Europe are behind us in our efforts to root out the causes and perpetrators of tax avoidance.”