Those who will live longest with the outcome of the referendum encouraged to vote

6 April 2016

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, has encouraged younger voters to engage in the EU debate so that their voice is heard.

Younger voters have most to gain from a vote to remain in the EU. Across education, early employment, healthcare, and the environment, involvement in the EU means educational funding is higher, workers rights are enforced and a greener future is protected.

However, if the opinion polls are correct, less than half of all eligible 18-24 year old will vote on June 23rd, handing the decision to older generations who will not live as long to witness the outcome of a Brexit vote.

Whilst engaging with 18-24 year olds in the process, Green MEP Keith Taylor said, "They regularly inspire me with their enthusiasm for the EU and, for my part; I try to help them harness that energy into democratic engagement, whether that’s simply registering to vote or becoming a campaigner.

“Whilst on holiday, the EU has demanded fairer data roaming charges and access to free, or cheaper, healthcare treatment.

“At home, the EU has delivered cleaner British beaches, cleaner air, seas that are safe to bathe in, and a commitment to mitigating the effects of climate change on future generations.

“The EU has delivered £100m to our universities, allowed thousands of students the opportunity to study abroad, and delivered significant funding for apprenticeship schemes. When in employment, the EU has ensured young people are not forced to work excessive hours and has guaranteed everybody the right to paid holidays."