Green Party joins “progressive” EU alliance for referendum campaign

31 March 2016

The Green Party of England and Wales is to formally affiliate itself with Another Europe is Possible in a bid to maximise the support of progressives for an In vote at the 23 June EU referendum.

Another Europe is Possible was founded by a group of grassroots activists and campaigners who share a passion for building a Europe of democracy, human rights, environmental protection and social justice. [1]

The organisation will host a “national gathering” on 9 April where there will be opportunities to learn and discuss “the major issues at stake for progressives in the EU referendum”. Natalie Bennett, the Green Party’s leader will also make a speech at the gathering. [2]

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion said:

“Another Europe Is Possible provides a vital hub for debate and dialogue on what a socially just and environmentally sustainable EU looks like and how we get there.  That’s what Greens and others are fighting for - before and after the referendum.

“I was delighted to speak at a packed launch event for Another Europe is Possible in February, alongside refugee activists, a junior doctor, anti-austerity campaigners and other progressive politicians.

“Since then, the group has attracted an impressive range of high profile supporters, including TUC president Liz Snape, shadow chancellor John McDonnell, economist Ann Pettifor, and Michael Mansfield QC.

“While the Green Party has launched its own ‘loud and proud’ campaign, Greens for A Better Europe, an umbrella campaign allows a broader range of people to join forces and speak out. The EU referendum is too important to let party political differences get in the way.

“The public debate on Europe desperately needs this injection of alternative, progressive voices.”

Green Party deputy leader, and lead candidate for South Wales Central in the 2016 Welsh Assembly election, Amelia Womack said:

“Our party wants to stay in Europe to continue the vital work of our three Green MEPs - and to change Europe for the better.  UK citizens benefit from decisions made at EU level every day - from workers’ rights and consumer protections to the environmental legislation that means we have cleaner beaches and healthier air.

“We know the EU isn’t perfect - neither is Westminster.  That's why Greens are determined to be the loudest voice in the campaign for staying in and reforming the EU.  And now, with our affiliation to Another Europe is Possible, the movement to stay in Europe to change Europe is growing ever stronger. " 

Caroline joined with the party’s leader Natalie Bennett and Green MEP for London, Jean Lambert on 14 March to launch the party’s own campaign, Greens for a Better Europe where they pledged to “mobilise” the party’s thousands of members and to run a “bold, positive campaign”.

Another Europe is Possible has so far raised more than £3,000 in an online campaign appeal.