Caroline Lucas says the Govt's budget fails our future generations

21 March 2016

In her response to the budget on Wednesday, Caroline Lucas has slammed the Government for turning its back on the next generation with a budget full of hypocrisy.

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, has described yesterday’s budget as ‘climate-wrecking’ and an attack on ‘those in need’.

Lucas had demanded a ‘climate change budget’: "We desperately need the Chancellor to use this budget to show that his Government is serious about tackling the climate crisis.”

But the outcome fell a long way short; George Osborne failed to grasp the opportunity: “By ploughing millions into road build programmes at a time when many local bus services are threatened and air pollution represents a public health crisis, he’s failed to do what’s desperately needed: hardwire the urgent need to tackle climate change and pollution into infrastructure spending. 

“This Budget again ignores the huge economic, employment and energy security benefits of moving away from fossil fuels and towards clean, home grown renewable energy.”

Frustrated, Lucas explained that, despite all the big rhetoric, the Government is going to fail the country’s future generations: “This climate-wrecking budget shows that the Government’s talk of putting the next generation first is nothing short of sheer hypocrisy.

“If our Government was serious about creating a decent society for our children and grandchildren then they would be pulling out all the stops to support British firms and business in the renewable energy sector and to keep fossil fuels in the ground. And where is the mass programme of zero-carbon council houses that is so desperately needed?”

She further highlighted the hypocrisy that’s at the heart of Government policy: its continuing pursuit of austerity measures (an ongoing desire to cut spend on those who need it most) while still backing billions on Hinkley Point Power station, “the most expensive white elephant in British history”.