Four South West food producers showcase their environmental credentials in Brussels

17 March 2016

Following a competition launched by Molly Scott Cato last Autumn,
four food producers from the South West are arriving in Brussels this
week to showcase their environmental credentials.

The competition, which selected the four winners based on their
support for the local economy, their maintenance of rural skills and
the ways in which they successfully minimise their impact on the
environment are: Brinkworth Dairy, Quoins Organic Vineyard, Stroud
Brewery and Day's Cottage.

They will be offering a reception to promote their ciders, beers,
wines, juices and cheeses.

“I’m really proud to represent a region which is home to some of the
best food in the world,” Molly explained. “I’m delighted to be able to
showcase four of our successful producers, all of who have
demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and creating local
employment opportunities.”

Molly used the occasion to call for a move away from large-scale
agri-business: “I believe we need to move away from the industrialised
and intensive farming systems that dominate the EU today.

“For several years the Green Group in Europe has been running a food
campaign to encourage farming that serves the interests of communities
rather than corporations and to ensure safe, healthy, sustainable and
properly labelled food for consumers.

“These producers, like many in the South West, demonstrate how small
is beautiful. It will be great to meet these producers, hear them
share their knowledge and skills and of course sample the fabulous
fruits of their labour!”