Molly backs Euro Parliament campaign: VAT is a feminist issue

16 March 2016

Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, is spearheading a campaign in the European Parliament: VAT is a feminist issue.

The aim of the campaign is to use a review of the VAT Directive to finally achieve a Europe-wide VAT exemption on sanitary products, currently levied at 5%.

As Molly will be part of a working group on the VAT review, there is a great opportunity to campaign to #EndTamponTax. This long-running campaign is also symbolic of the many ways in which women are disadvantaged through our tax system, and Molly aims to highlight this also. 

As she says, “cashing in on women's menstrual cycles is just one way in which tax systems around the world discriminate against women. VAT is being used to bolster government revenues that have been lost as a result of globalisation and individual and corporate tax dodging. Men are more likely to accumulate wealth, own property, and be CEOs and shareholders, so any preferential tax treatment of capital disproportionately favours men.”