Vote in Favour of Lucas’ NHS Bill

9 March 2016

Caroline Lucas is set to present the NHS Reinstatement Bill in Parliament and campaigners are urging MPs to back the bill.
On Friday 11th March Caroline Lucas will take the NHS Reinstatement Bill back to the House of Commons.
The private members bill has received cross-party support and has among its signatories Jeremy Corbyn, who signed up before becoming Labour Party leader.
The bill would reinstate the Secretary of State’s responsibility for the health of UK citizens, something the Health and Social Care Act removed. It would fully restore the NHS as an accountable public service by reversing 25 years of marketization in the NHS.
Many MPs return to their constituencies on Thursday nights, but thousands of people have signed a petition urging their representatives to vote in favour on the NHS Reinstatement Bill on Friday.
Caroline Lucas MP said: “I hope that MPs stick around on Friday to have a say on the future of our health service."
"This mobilization of grass roots campaigners and NHS staff is hugely inspiring. Across the country we’re seeing people making a stand against the ongoing marketization of our health service. The NHS is saddled with a wasteful internal market, and increasingly widespread outsourcing of services. When you add this privatization to the near-constant Government attacks on the NHS workforce you can see why so many people are supporting the NHS Bill."
“The NHS bill would put the public back at the heart of the health service. MPs now have a chance to put their commitment to a public NHS into action by backing this bill on 11 March."
“If we work together we can save our crisis ridden health service for future generations.”