Green Party’s Plan to Replace Hinkley C?

9 March 2016

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato argues it’s only a matter of time before a more sensible plan to use renewables to meet our energy needs supersedes the fraught Hinkley project.
Writing on the web site 'Left Foot Forward', Molly says that the £24bn Hinkley Nuclear Power station bid is one built on “ridiculous hubristic behaviour” of elitist politicians “propped up by powerful friends”. 
Quite simply, the maths of the project don’t add up: "The costs of the electricity are so high as to make the project unfeasible, there are no investors with the commitment and economic viability to put the finance together and EU competition rules make the financial support necessary illegal. In short the deal can never be done."
And not only that. Molly points out that the problems that beset Hinkley aren't just financial or environmental. The Labour Party, when it supported Hinkley, backed the initiative as a vehicle for job creation. "This view was never backed up by research, which shows clearly that the renewables industry creates far more jobs per kilowatt hour generated than nuclear ever can."
"My own plan – yes, Plan B – shows that a renewable energy revolution in the South West could generate 122,000 new high quality jobs. This is precisely why, in Germany, some of the largest unions have supported green energy policies”.
Following the resignation of EDF’s finance director over Hinkley it now seems only a matter of time before Plan B becomes the plan to replace Hinkley C.