NewStatesman Article Declares Greens Have Got Their Groove Back

7 March 2016

NewStatesman article declares Greens have got their groove back

The NewStatesman has reported back from the Green Party Conference in Harrogate having found the party in “energetic new shape”.

The cultural magazine finds the Green party’s messages are chiming with modern concerns and sentiment, and points up its young, and gender balanced membership with “an exciting new leadership; who are young, pre-dominantly female, and poised to fill a raft of seats come the elections in May”.

Interviewing Green Leader, Natalie Bennett, NewStatesman journalist India Bourke was interested to see a pragmatic party, and one that is happy to embrace coalitions based on single issues. 

“To get things done in politics you may need to forge coalitions with people who you entirely disagree with on a broad range of issues,” Bennett told her. “[But] if they are going to argue that Trident is a waste of money, I’m very happy to sit with them and argue that it IS a waste of money.”

Further on, Bourke refers again to the youthful spirit within the party, and notably the growing number of younger Green members: “This trend [to focus on the future not the past] is partly fuelled by the expanding under-thirty membership… some of the 20,000 who have helped the Young Greens membership grow tenfold in under two years”.