'Greens for Europe' Campaign Launches

7 March 2016

Amelia Womack, writing in the latest issue of GREENACTIVIST, has clearly stated the position of the Green Party in the run up to the EU referendum: “I have no doubt that we are Greener In”.
Womack, Green Party Deputy Leader, used the Green Party newsletter to help launch the 'Greens for Europe' campaign. And the position is clear; we’re better in than out: “Whether it's clean beaches, equal pay, the working time directive, or climate targets, I have no doubt that we are Greener In.
"By working together with our closest neighbours, we can secure better worker's rights, human rights and environmental rights - here in the UK and across Europe”.
The referendum, announced for 23rd June, is already the main topic of news in the UK and has made headlines throughout the world. The financial industry, here and overseas, has already weighed in with its views and the stock market has already reacted, as seen by a weakened Sterling against the Dollar and Euro.
But the argument for staying in Europe isn’t just an economical one, as Womack outlines in her article in the latest issue of GREENACTIVIST.
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