Green Party Spring Conference 2016

2 January 2016

With thousands of new members joining the Green Party over the past twelve months, the Spring Conference is set to be a very lively and interesting event!

The Green Party of England & Wales (GPEW) now has 63,000 + members, making it the third largest party in England & Wales.

South Devon Green Party (SDGP), with around 850 members, is one of the largest Local Parties in the country and a very important 'cog' in the National Party.

Many of you, as new members, won't have been to a Conference previously and probably won't know that you, as individual members, have the opportunity to put forward your ideas for policy, to be discussed at the Conference and, if voted in favour of, they will become accepted as policy by GPEW!

It is interesting to note that, since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as its leader, The Labour Party has decided to try and get this method of deciding policy accepted by its MPs. (Good luck with that then Jeremy!!)

As ever, where The Green Party leads, other parties eventually follow!!  (It only takes them about forty years to recognise our good ideas!)

So, click on this link now: and find out all about how to get your policy idea accepted onto the agenda. The earlier you do this, the better chance you have of getting your policy idea accepted for discussion at the Conference!

You will also be able to find out how to book your place (discounts for early booking), what accommodation is available, travel details and so on.

The Spring Conference is to be held this year in the beautiful North Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate, between Friday 26th and Sunday 28th February.

Harrogate in Flower

Why not make a week of it? Take the family and explore this beautiful town and surrounding countryside!  
For venue, dates, times, agendas etc: