Green Party keep their District Council seat for Totnes

10 October 2015

Green Party keep their District Council seat for Totnes

The hotly contested by-election for a Totnes District Council seat came to a close, with the Green Party retaining their seat. The atmosphere at the count was nail-biting as the votes were stacked up, with the final result declaring John Green as the new Councillor, with the Liberal Democrat in second, Labour in third and the Conservatives in fourth. Delighted to have been newly elected a District Councillor, John Green, said:
"I will work tirelessly to represent the best interests of everyone in Totnes, by working together with other Parties, local groups and individuals.”
He added: “The Green Party is still surging, despite the Corbyn-effect. It is clear that people recognize the importance of having a voice that is not focused on being on the left, right, or “middle ground” of politics, but actually has its core values in creating a fairer society, in which we care for people and for the environment within which we live". “Throughout the election campaign we focused on getting across a positive message, and not being drawn into criticizing, or pointing out the flaws of other parties. I think the people of Totnes value the importance of local
politicians moving away from focusing on party politics and working together for the common good.”

Totnes’ Green Mayor Cllr Jacqi Hodgson, who is also a District Councillor for Dartington and Staverton, is Leader of the Opposition at South Hams. She said: ” Adding John to the team will be of enormous benefit to South Hams as he brings a high degree of expertise, particularly in the field of renewable energy, an area that the Opposition group believe should be more widely explored to increase renewable energy supplies and create income for the District Council”.
Cllr Green will join fellow Green Councillors Robert Vint and Jacqi Hodgson on South Hams District Council. The Green Party remains the largest party in the Opposition group on the council.


1) The results of the South Hams District Council by-election held for the
Totnes Ward on Thursday 8th October 2015 were:
John Green, Green Party: 570 votes
John Birch, Liberal Democrat: 558 votes
Eleanor Cohen, Labour Party: 432 votes
Ralph Clark, Conservative Party: 268 votes
Peter Pirnie, Independent: 63 votes

Turnout was 28.37%.
2) This is one of the first by-elections since Jeremy Corbyn became elected.
3) Dr John Green was campaigner for Friends of the Earth at the Kyoto
Climate Conference in 1997. He has since worked for several successful
small companies.
To find out more about The Green Party in South Devon visit or contact John