Refugees Welcome

14 September 2015

Dr John Green


Refugees are welcome here”, said South Devon Green Party at their AGM which was held in Totnes at the weekend.This reflects their long standing campaign for those seeking safe refuge.

Dr John Green, the newly-elected Party Chairperson, is asking South Hams District Council for an emergency response to the refugee crisis. He submitted the following question to the Executive for them to respond to at their meeting on Thursday, 10th September:

'Will the Council respond to the refugee crisis and local housing shortage by providing council tax relief to families and second-home owners willing to temporarily house refugees fleeing foreign wars? And will the Council identify ways of providing advice and legal support to refugees, welcoming them to The South Hams?'

Ivybridge-based South Devon Green Party member Katie Reville, who is now the Party's Treasurer, added: 

'There continues to be strong public support for the key messages from The Green Party, such as greater equality for all and a welcome to those seeking asylum from war-torn countries'.


South Devon Green Party covers the whole of The South Hams and Teignbridge District Council areas and has over eight hundred members. Membership of the Party soared in the run up to the election and continues to flourish.

To find out more about The Green Party in South Devon people can visit or contact John Green at