Leading Women UK Political Special with Gill Coombs

20 April 2015


Our parliamentary candidate, Gill Coombs, having been informed that audience tickets for this event cost £12, has correctly decided not to participate.

Gill said: ‘Nowhere in any of the information I was sent did it state that this was a paying event. That will exclude many of my potential supporters. The event description mentions the disparity between men and women in politics. What about the disparity between the wealthy and the not wealthy?’

We fully applaud Gill's stance on this. 

If you would like to see and speak to Gill Coombs, she will be at a hustings at the Dartmouth Academy on 28th April, 11-12:30 and South Devon Arts Centre, at a drop-in event, from 6:30-9:30pm.





Gill Coombs (Totnes)

Our parliamentary candidate for Totnes, Gill Coombs, is taking part as a panelist in the Leading Women UK Political Special on 20th April.

The event will take place on April 20th from 6:30-8:30pm at Blackpool Sands

Blackpool Sands
TQ6 0RG 

There are disparities between women and men and their involvement and access to politics, and therefore public debate and decision-making.

The Leading Women UK 2015 Election Special aims to tackle these inequalities and ask political parties why they think these inequalities exist, and what their party aims to do to ensure equality for both men and women.

The format will follow a ‘Question Time’ style, with the audience being invited to participate. Leading Women UK is opening this event up to men and women. 

Please click here for further information about how to be in the audience for this Political Special.

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