Andy's Campaign Hustings

24 March 2015


The first hustings of the campaign happens Tuesday eve in Teign Valley Community Hall, Christow, EX6 7NA. (If you don't want the politics, scroll down for the music at the Artichoke Inn afterwards...)

QUIZ THE CANDIDATES: another innovative event, this time addressing the climate policies of mid-Devon candidates in the General Election. From micro to macro - these are issues of world wide importance and no doubt the Labour, UKIP and Green candidates and the Lib Dem representative will be speaking with a passion to equal that of the characters in the play.

And just to prove that the Teign Valley has its finger on the national pulse the event will also feature a Conservative empty chair! Mel Stride regrets his absence due to the fact that parliament is still sitting he will be in London. He feels that sending a representatvie would not be appropriate. Do join us to add your questions, your comments, your curiosity and your passion to the evening.
TVCH Tuesday 24th March 7.30 pm. Entrance free. 
Donations welcome. Some free low energy light bulbs available


MusicAnd afterwards:
The Gustav Bensel Hot Club, on the first date of the 'Campaign Tour of Central Devon', will be providing musical merriment at the Artichoke Inn. Some Klezmer, some gypsy jazz, perhaps a bit of Russian singing. But no politics, no none of that.