Kathryn Driscoll - Candidate for Newton Abbot

Kathryn Driscoll


Kathryn Driscoll has been selected as Green Party candidate for Newton Abbot.

Kathryn, 23, has lived in Plymouth, Devon, for four years after moving from South Wales to study Occupational Therapy, and fell in love with the region.

Following successful selection at a meeting of local party members, Kathryn pledged to make protecting local A&E services, funding for Devon's schools and securing a referendum on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations as campaign priorities and, if elected, her work as an MP.

Kat said:

“I like to dedicate my time to the causes that are close to my heart, such as working with older persons and to making a difference, and I’m sick of carrying the burden of the poor choices that our governments have made.

“I’m standing as Newton Abbot’s Green Party candidate because I think we need someone different from the status quo, someone who can be brave and use their experiences to bring conversations back to the things that matter, to highlight the effect of cuts to our NHS and to fight for the rights of workers, of young people and of our environment while the Conservatives are keen to leave them behind.

“I believe that Newton Abbot deserves an MP who will stand up for Newton Abbot, be unapologetically brave in the fight for a fair and equal society, and who will listen to reason and to the needs of their constituents rather than simply following the orders of their Party’s whip.

“We need to prioritise the fight for free and accessible education, we need to campaign to

stop the cuts to public services and to our NHS, and we need to start putting the environment first.” 

To contact Kathryn: kathryn.driscoll@greenparty.org.uk

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