Jacqi Hodgson - Candidate for Totnes



JACQI HODGSON selected as GREEN PARTY candidate for TOTNES

Jacqi Hodgson has been selected as the Green Party candidate for the Totnes parliamentary constituency.
Jacqi, 61, has lived in Totnes, Devon, for nine years. She works as a freelance environmental adviser. Jacqi has been a Totnes Councillor for eight years, District Councillor for Dartington and Staverton for 6 years and was the Mayor of Totnes for two years.
Following her successful selection at a meeting of local party members, Jacqi pledged to make protecting local A&E services, funding for Devon's schools and securing a referendum on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations a priority for her campaign and, if elected, her work as an MP.

Jacqi said:
“My passion for politics stems from a strong sense of fairness. As a Councillor for eight years and as Totnes mayor for two, I have worked with the community and businesses for affordable and social housing, renewable energy, youth facilities, green spaces, care for wildlife and supports for jobs in a pleasant, safe environment, to ensure a secure future for us all.
“Our Parliament needs hardworking, committed politicians who listen to the people. We need proper investment in our NHS, schools and further education, welfare system, public transport and public services and facilities that support and enrich our lives. The current economic and environmental challenges mean we must plan carefully for a safe Brexit and avert climate chaos. The Green Party offers a vision for positive change and I will stand up for Devon.”

The general election will take place on June 8th. Greens are already well represented in the region, with Molly Scott Cato as MEP for the South West England, and there are Green councillors on town, parish and district councils.

Jacqi has been a Member of the Green Party for over 28 years and most of her professional life has been working for charities concerned with environmental care and community development. For 25 years she lived on an organic smallholding and now lives in Totnes.

To contact Jacqi : jacqihodgson@gmail.com

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