Andy Williamson - Candidate for Central Devon



Andy Williamson has been selected as Green Party candidate for Central Devon.

Andy, 49, has lived in Ashburton, Devon for eight years. Having had two kidney transplants, Andy is an active ‘patient voice’, frequently invited to participate in NHS meetings and conferences after getting involved with the ‘Campaign For Sustainable Healthcare’.
Following successful selection at a meeting of local party members, Andy pledged to make protecting local A&E services, funding for Devon's schools and securing a referendum on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations as campaign priorities and, if elected, his work as an MP.
Andy said:
“Central Devon is a fabulous, diverse and interesting place covering such a huge area. I am passionate about the NHS and social care. We need one organisation that promotes a healthy life for everyone, helps them to achieve that, and which delivers the best possible care for anyone with the bad luck to be ill, or to have reached the stage in their lives where they need help with everyday life.
“I am utterly appalled and disgusted by what the Conservative Government has done to the country. Its actions have turned this previously intelligent, broad-minded, progressive, compassionate nation into one where these values are increasingly sneered at, in favour of something much more insular, parochial, ignorant and frankly unpleasant. We have the resources, the intelligence and the wit to create a society where everyone feels part of it, rather than all the disenfranchisement and fear that the last seven years have brought.
“I will stand up for Central Devon to ensure all aspects of our communities – health, education, the countryside, food, the arts - are protected and nourished to help us thrive.”

Andy is a self-employed musician, choir director and music teacher. Andy stood in Central Devon in the 2015 General Election when he increased the Green Vote by 400% gaining 9% of the vote, the 25th highest Green vote in the country. [2010 - Green = around 1,000. 2015, Green = 4,866.]

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