Dr John Green - District Councillor Totnes


Totnes By-election candidate

Dr John Green is a District Councillor and local Parish Councillor, as well as being a member of the Association of Green Councillors. He has been a Director of several companies and worked for twenty-five years on green policies, working with many governmental bodies. In the 1990s he took part in the Kyoto Climate Conference and visited the Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone as part of an international delegation investigating options for phasing out nuclear power whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

He helps to run an environmental club in his children's school and is the Chair of South Devon Green Party.

John is perseverant, proactive and has a good insight into what needs to be done to make a difference for local communities in Devon.

“It is vital that we create a socially inclusive society, in which our children are able to thrive. I will listen carefully to all points of view and focus upon prioritising initiatives that will make a positive difference for local people, rather than being swayed by party political interests.”

“As a County Councillor I will focus on:

  • Opposing cuts to services and finding effective alternatives
  • Improving local health and social care services
  • Increasing funding to provide high quality education for all
  • Protecting the environment, particularly important habitats
  • Improving opportunities for young people 
  • Reversing cuts to bus services
  • Supporting local entrepreneurs, businesses and farming”