Councillor Jacqi Hodgson

Jacqi HodgsonI have been a Member of the Green Party for over 28 years and most of my professional life has been working for charities concerned with environmental care and community development. For 25 years I lived on an organic smallholding and I now live in Totnes.


I have stood in local elections since 2004 and have been a Totnes Town Councillor since 2009. I was elected as District Councillor for Dartington in 2011 and have learnt a lot about the policies and services of the District Council. I was delighted to be elected as Totnes' first Green Mayor in 2014 and continue to hold the position. 


I enjoy being a Councillor, representing the local community and working hard on their behalf. I have so far served on the SHDC Audit Committee, the Planning Committee and on the Housing and Community Life Scrutiny panel.  As a Town Councilllor I am active in issues around planning, transport and youth.


I believe that the ‘Green’ message can win the support it needs through members working within communities in a positive partnership approach.  Having been active in Local Agenda 21 for 13 years, I saw that bringing people together around broader issues can be very effective at creating a ‘safe space’ for people to make changes in their domestic and professional lives.  Being ‘Green’ is not about ego it’s about eco; sharing our environmental advocacy and working together across our communities can bring extraordinary results”.


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January 2016 (Dartington)

February 2016 (Dartington)

February 2016 (Town and Parish)

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